>Mixed Bag – Results, Illness, Skirts and Research

>Well, A’Level results were today and Soph has hers.  I remember when I got my degree results one of my friends posted what I had to her journal (I text her) before I got online and it irritated the hell out of me.  So, I’m gonna leave the details for now and just say that the girl done good.

The girl is also sick, my carer tonight wasn’t too good and I don’t feel particularly fabulous either… I think there is a nasty sicky bug going round as a couple of people I work with haven’t been great but I am hoping mine is my usual first day of periodness.

I’m wearing a denim skirt tonight that I’ve not had very long.  And the fastening broke earlier.  One of my colleagues managed to fix it but then when I went to the loo a bit later the fastening snapped off completely so I had to walk back accross the waiting room with my skirt slipping down the whole way.  Fun!  Interestingly enough we were wearing pretty much identical skirts.  I thought it was funny but she seemed to get into a bit of a flap about it and was like “we’ve got a problem!  we’re wearing the same skirt!” which I found even funnier but I didn’t let it show… I think she might have been joking but I’m not 100 convinced.

I was interviewed for a research study on health conditions in employment this evening.  Basically I just talked to the researcher on the phone for about 25 minutes or so.  It was really interesting and of course I just loved talking about me and my experiences :p Also I believe in making a difference for myself and other disabled people and maybe helping w/ the study was a good way of doing that!

This is pretty much guaranteed to be a two update day because I still have to finish writing the update I started last night so check back later!

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