>Scrapbook Your Heart Out

>Scrapbook page of Sailability Pics

This is the first scrapbook page I did (ever!). It is silver wrapping paper cut roughly to size which covers the page and then the photos are cut to size and mounted on bright blue paper and stuck on. The title “Sailability 2006” was writen on in blue wax crayon. That was for no other reason than it was the first blue thing I found to write with that wasn’t a biro! My spatial awareness issues caused me some issues with the cutting here, particularly with the silver paper and so the page itself is a bit battered and cut on a schew.


Sisters Scrapbook Page

I had several pictures of me and Soph (the lil sis) and I wanted to do a page of them. There are three pictures of the two of us together (taken at the meal for her 18th, the mini gathering for my mum’s birthday and the party for soph’s 18th – three days running interestingly enought) and also one each of us individually. This isn’t what I had planned to do but is the result and I am extremely pleased with it.

Purple is my favourite colour and so the strippy blue, purple. mauve and white scrapbooking paper was perfect for the background. The top corners have been cut off some of the photos to allow more to fit and to provide visual interest. The title of the page was written in a purple felt tip on purple sugar type paper – each letter is cut out individually and the right hand edges overlap (originally I had planned to scatter the letters over the page but it wouldn’t fit) giving a kind of layered affect. In the bottom right is another piece of purple sugar paper on which is written “Sisters are friends chosen by nature.” The quote was found on the internet and referred to brothers but I decided to take artistic liberty and change it!


Scrapbook page of Old Orleans meal for Soph's 18th

This is a page of pictures which were taken when we went out on Soph’s actual birthday to eat at Orld Orleans. Pink is her favourite colour and her party (held two days later) was pink themed and so I had to use a pink background. I chose spotty because I thought it was most “Sophinda” like. The title is written on the right in the middle and is in pink felt tip but hindsight suggests black would have been easier to read! The picture on the bottom right is probably my favourite as it has a nice feeling of togetherness and ending.


Sealife Scrapbook!

Pictures taken on a trip to the sealife centre in Birmingham with friends from uni (fulfilling one of my 101 in 1001 goals) in June 2006.

The background is blue sugar paper which has been cut into strips. A dolphin shaped punch has been used to cut a pattern out and then the strips were glued onto the page. The cut outs have been stuck onto another piece of paper for an as yet unfinished second page of sealife pics. A regular black pen has been used to write “Under the sea” on one side of the middle photo and then “Sealife Centre, Birmingham” and the exact date of the trip on the other.

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