>Drugs are good, mmmkay? (Ones you get on an Rx that is!)

>I am very very very drugged up tonight. But not really drugged up enough. I hate to take a lot of pain meds and baclofen because I hate how fuzzy it makes me feel. Quite often I chose to remain in “plus pain” (more pain than usual) than take additional drugs. But after a week of additional pain with it being worse today than usual I had to cave and take some pain drugs. Tonight I feel really fuzzy but I still have pain. I could cry but I don’t want to and maybe even can’t/

I’ve had a total of 70mg of baclofen today and two full doses of co-codamol. I think that’s the most baclofen I ever took in one day and ooooh boy can I tell that i took it.

I was planning to write about what exactly got done to me that has caused me to be in plus pain but I can’t manage it. Short version: Some fuckwit thought they were helping me and instead hurt me. I am now panicing that it will affect my trip and I could kill them.

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