>Sick and Tired of Always Being Sick and Tired (and ranting about it too)

>Yesterdays drugged upness? Yeah, it wasn’t just the drugs that had me feeling out of it and dizzy. And because of that I now have added more drugs to the cocktail I’m taking. I’m telling you we just need some vodka and we could have a killer party. Only the new drugs that got added in today are Abx (cefalexin) and so no vodka for me!

I have a uti. Bastard infection. A bad one too. I could hardly tolerate sitting in my wheelchair by late last night and early this morning because I was so dizzy. And I guess I must have sounded really pathetic on the phone this morning. The receptionist told me the doc would call me back and said it would be soon but was then questioning me as to whether it was really really urgent or could i wait half an hour or so. So I am on my second lot of Abx in a month. 2006 is not a healthy year for me it seems but it is healthier than 2004 – which will forever be known as the year of the Abx!
I was supposed to be working this morning and then shopping this afternoon and on to dinner and drinks. I didn’t go to work… it’s my first day off sick since April which I’m pretty proud of. Especially because it’s not a depression off sick day either. Kat is home from Madrid for the week and unfortunately we couldn’t rearrange our get together so she came here instead and we watched a dvd and ordered pizza.

My shoulder/neck issue seems a little better today but still quite painful. Still at least if I have to be falling apart at the seams I’m doing it this week! It would suck even more if it were next week.

And of course, UTI’s are my favourite infections. I have had recurrent/chronic UTI before and I am freaking out that this is going to be the same deal once again. It doesn’t help that the Abx are low dose. I was already freaking out about some other stuff so it’s just carried over.

I am sooooo hacked off with my care agency. I can’t decide whether I should be bothered about what happened but I am extremely pissed off over the way they acted over it. I think what I mean is that what happened bothered me at the time but now I’m more angry about the way it was handled. Double standards and guilt and all that shit. My carers aren’t the problem, the organisation and office staff are the issue. In fact, most of my carers are great. Well, today’s did turn round at one point and go “Em! Shut up floss!” but that’s what I needed her to do – I was in a stress about having had to get her to go to the pharmacy for me and kept apologising.

Side Note: Rumour has it the pharmacist was really really good looking. Bugger it. Why is it that whenever I go it’s this really nasty huge woman (she is really abrupt with you if you question her or she wants to question you – I have had a falling out with her before over not giving me all my drugs) and when Sam goes for me she gets a really gorgeous bloke to give her the drugs?!?!

S’not fair!!!

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