>And now for something completely different…


I figured it was time we had something cheerful around here and that ticker certainly is that!

Ooooh pretty 🙂

and even more OOOOOOOH what an achievement!

*is proud*

And… lets talk inches:
Run away, run far away little inches and never come back!

Yes again that is a to size visual reminder.  Ooooh Impressive, huh?!

I go away in 11 days and I am very happy about the weight I will be when I go!  I would if possible like to lose another 2lb before I go so I can be a round 20lb down (or 90% Emma!) but I’m just grateful and pleased to be where I am right now.

Enough rabbiting, I think I better brave the drizzle and go to Sainsburys.

love, a very smiley and getting towards slim Em!

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