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>It’s festival time around here at the moment. The most famous one is Reading Festival and despite it being so close I’ve never been. However it wasn’t the only festival in that area this weekend.

I volunteered at the IWA Diamond Jubilee Festival today. I spent the afternoon helping out on the sailability stall. I was talking to people about sailing for disabled and also selling raffle tickets to raise money for the Pontoon Project.

I sold about 30 or 35 tickets (well, my dad helped me chase people down but I was in charge of the tickets and the finances) which I was pretty damn pleased about because they were £1 each. I got given an official volunteer badge thing to hang round my neck, a pontoon project airtex shirt and a gone sailing cap to show that I was an official raffle ticket seller. I was allowed to keep the shirt and cap and I promised to wear them on the Lord Nelson next week (dear lord, next week! argh, panic stations!).

We were there about four hours and I was on the stall for most of that time… Dad and I did go for a wander around for half an hour or so. We looked at a book stall (where I got six books for £2) and got some chips. There was a musical duo playing as I ate my chips and they were great. Their music was funny too and I couldn’t stop giggling!

We also saw a stall with dog and cat accessories and I tried to convince dad to buy Milo (his dog) his own rucksack so he can carry his own stuff – bowl etc – around and make himself useful. Nothing doing though.
I had a really really good time there and I was glad to go. It’s not something I would necessarily have chosen to go to if I wasn’t helping on the stall but it was somewhere I could have (and did) have a great time. I think someone said last year the festival was held in Cheshire – we were very lucky that it was held so close this year!

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