>Catching Up about lots of stuff

>Thought I would briefly update about lots of little things:


My neck and shoulders have hardly been painful at all today so I guess it’s healing at last.  I will be even more anal about the way I get moved in the future though. My “bad” hip has been giving me a few twinges lately but nothing majorly bad.


The antibiotics are doing a lot of good although I still feel kind of lousy.  No more lower back/kidney pain and I haven’t had a dizzy spell for most of they day so this is progress.  I feel a little more confident that this is just a one off thing and not a return of my chronic UTI issues.  The fact that this is my 5th course of Abx this year (UTI in Jan, Chest Infection in Feb, swimmers ear in both April and July and UTI again now) and that four of them have been cefalexin worries me slightly though.


No news is just… no news.  I had a big huge crying meltdown about being powerchairless (and so basically housebound) earlier and have been headache-y ever since.

Mum is adament that they will be able to get a part of it but that it will depend if it is in stock.  She says that if it is in stock I might be able to be back in action by the end of this week.  I’ll believe that when I see it.  I still don’t really believe that it is repairable because it’s such a huge part of the frame that sheared off and I don’t have the pieces (have no idea where it happened either).


Work is fine, going well in fact.  After this thursday I have almost three weeks off – the better part of a week before my trip, the five days I am away and ten days or so after I come home.  Yay for lots of time off!   Of course I am anticipating that I will be too tired to do much for a few days after I come home but still *yay* for my trip and yay for time at home to try and get this shitpit sorted out a bit more.

Only problem is I don’t know how I’m getting to work this week….


Managing as best I can with it.  I’m pleased with the weightloss but wish it was easier now than it is, particularly as it was easier before everything happened in the last month or so.  I should see the nurse again about that on Wednesday but may cancel it due to transport issues.

My trip

Dear lord that’s next week.  I’m getting very very excited but I also feel very very sick at the prospect.  I think I have everything I need sorted apart from gloves but will probably take some time tomorrow to have a sort through everything and check.  Mum and I have been arguing about whether or not I really do need to take thermals and longjohns as it says on the kit list.  I said no and was adament I wasn’t getting any.  She was adament I was.  I swore blind I wasn’t going to waste my money on them.  She swore blind that I am getting them and in the end said that she is going to pay for them.

I should really have refused to buy my boots they were much  more expensive – having her pay for them instead would have been a much better deal!

It’s strange how before April sailing was something that I thought wasn’t for me and I only went to shut Neil up.  Now I am hooked, go to the reservoir every week and am going tall ship sailing (hopefully to France!) for a few days.

Mental State

I have a med review tomorrow.  I don’t really know what to tell her.  I think I was doing well but then my Gran died and now it’s hard to judge.  I do feel as though the last month I’ve been treading water… everyone tells me that it’s ok to feel like this and it’s not my depression worsening but normal but I can’t believe that.  I wish I could but I don’t know why I can’t.  Also after my counselling session on Wednesday I am taking a break for all of September (because of going away etc) and then probably will go just once a month until the end of the year.  that isn’t 100% definite though.

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