>I think maybe I rock and I know that I am very annoyed.

>Anyone know if you can call NHS Direct to ask questions along the lines of whether or not you can take certain OTC meds with your prescription ones?

So I got a taxi to the doctors today (£5 thank you very much that’s £5 I’ll never see again). My taxi was early and I’d booked it with plenty of time to spare in case it was late. I ended up getting to the doctors half an hour before my appt.

I had my book with me and there was a nice little suntrap right outside so I sat there reading for ten minutes or so. Then I figured I may as well go in because by some miracle I may get to go in early.

They had no record of my having an appointment. My doctors appointment is tomorrow she told me. I argued with her that no, that is with the nurse and eventually she said I was right about that. So I asked when my appt is? I don’t have one apparently. My GP wanted to see me again for review at the end of August/beginning of September and I made it for then. I even have an appt card with it written on (which unfortunately I didn’t take with me).

She didn’t know why I didn’t have an appointment and can’t find me another. She suggests that I make one tomorrow when I come in to see the nurse (when I will be taking that appt card!) because it will be “easier”. And when I mentioned that I need to be seen this week because I have to ask her what antinausea/travel sickness meds I can take on my trip given that I’m on baclofen, co-codamol and fluoxetine (Prozac) she suggests that if the nurse doesn’t know I can have a phone appt next tuesday to talk w/ the doc.

Uh… I’ve been told to start taking the antiemetics on Tuesday in preparation for the trip.

I was sooo frustrated that I knew it wouldn’t be healthy for me to get a taxi home. So I wheeled it in my manual chair. I took it slowly, stopping at the shop and briefly at my mums to chat w/ Soph as well as to gulp down some water a couple of times. I got home an hour and ten minutes after I arrived at the docs… I don’t know how long it took.

Multimap has it as a mile from there to here… I walked a slightly different way to their route in an effort to not go along the main road as their route did but ended up having to double back to the main road. Basically instead of going down then along. I went along, down part of the way. Then got stuck went back along that road to the main one… down there and then doubled back on myself so I was on the opposite side of the church where I’d been trying to walk along by in the first place! My powerchair might like the short sharp slope by the church but my K does not (or rather, my arms don’t!)

So I did just over a mile I guess. Yay for that!!!!!! I think I might just rock at manual wheelchair pushing when I put my mind to it.

But boo for silly receptionists who don’t record my doctors appts properly.

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