>Small thing and how they make me feel.

>I got absolutely soaked to the skin today at sailing and shrieked with laughter nonstop for about half an hour.  It was really fun!  Spending the next two and a half hours in wet clothes, not so much.  Being snuggled up in a sleeveless T and PJ bottoms now?  Lovely, wonderful in fact.

Having proved that they were right when they told me that the boats I sail can’t be capsized even when they have tipped so one side is completely submerged and are full of about five inches of water is also reassuring but kind of scary too.  It does occur to me too that whilst the boat may not capsize my balance is crap and I could always falls out.

Having a really long conversation with someone who *gets it* – brilliant, just a shame it had to be cut short.

Being offered the chance to go away THIS WEEKEND sailing/racing with transport both ways included – wicked, especially when I was told I was the only member of the club who sails access dinghys that they considered sending.  Turning it down as an “I’d love to but it’s too short notice to make arrangements (care, accommodation etc)” sucks but does make me feel like I’m sensible.

Getting home to a note thru my door saying my carer had called and I wasn’t in when I had cancelled the visit – downright annoying :@.  In face it makes me MAD!

The news that not only is my powerchair repairable but the part has been ordered and was in stock.  Happy News.

Being given a £54.99 high spec buoyancy aid for free because the club would rather
that someone who was going to get a lot of use and who would be sensible with it Because of how it works you need to be sensible as it is a gas inflation one and can’t be used repeatedly once it’s gotten submerged.  This isn’t the exact one I have but is similar – I have the Automatic one

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