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    >Sick and Tired of Always Being Sick and Tired (and ranting about it too)

    >Yesterdays drugged upness? Yeah, it wasn’t just the drugs that had me feeling out of it and dizzy. And because of that I now have added more drugs to the cocktail I’m taking. I’m telling you we just need some vodka and we could have a killer party. Only the new drugs that got added in today are Abx (cefalexin) and so no vodka for me! I have a uti. Bastard infection. A bad one too. I could hardly tolerate sitting in my wheelchair by late last night and early this morning because I was so dizzy. And I guess I must have sounded really pathetic on the phone this…

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    >Drugs are good, mmmkay? (Ones you get on an Rx that is!)

    >I am very very very drugged up tonight. But not really drugged up enough. I hate to take a lot of pain meds and baclofen because I hate how fuzzy it makes me feel. Quite often I chose to remain in “plus pain” (more pain than usual) than take additional drugs. But after a week of additional pain with it being worse today than usual I had to cave and take some pain drugs. Tonight I feel really fuzzy but I still have pain. I could cry but I don’t want to and maybe even can’t/ I’ve had a total of 70mg of baclofen today and two full doses of…

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    >Scrapbook Your Heart Out

    > This is the first scrapbook page I did (ever!). It is silver wrapping paper cut roughly to size which covers the page and then the photos are cut to size and mounted on bright blue paper and stuck on. The title “Sailability 2006” was writen on in blue wax crayon. That was for no other reason than it was the first blue thing I found to write with that wasn’t a biro! My spatial awareness issues caused me some issues with the cutting here, particularly with the silver paper and so the page itself is a bit battered and cut on a schew. *** I had several pictures of…

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    >Photos, musings on weight

    >My weight is pretty much back to where it was when my Gran died (I still hate typing those words) – I can’t believe it’s been a month (tomorrow) since she left us. In some ways it feels like so little time and in others, so long.I am ambivilous about my weight at the moment to be honest. I know I am taking baby steps to losing weight again and I am proud of those. But I just feel blah and numb and like I could care less that I gained some weight back and then lost it again. It seems kind of petty. And then we come back to…

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    >No Mistakes

    > He maketh no mistake My Father’s way may twist and turn,My heart may throb and ache,But in my soul I’m glad to know,He maketh no mistake. My cherished plans may go astray,My hopes may fade away,But I’ll trust my Lord to leadFor He doth know the way. Tho’ night be dark, and it may seemThat day will never break,I’ll pin my faith, my all in Him,He maketh no mistake. There’s so much now I cannot see,My eyesight’s far too dim;But come what may, I’ll simply trustAnd leave it all to Him. For by and by the mist will liftAnd plain it all He’ll make,Through all the way, tho’ dark…

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    >Militant Miss Emma

    >My mum and I went shopping on Wednesday to get me some stuff for my trip. We had an extremely successful trip and didn’t spend anything like as much as I thought we might. So I got: a pair of boots, a waterproof warm jacket, two fleeces, a bum bag, a cord to keep my glasses on, some warm socks, some waterproof trousers and some cargo pants. I also got some scrapbooking stuff (loads of it) but obviously that wasn’t for my trip! We also had several disability rights/disability awareness/downright throwing a strop about the way the disabled are treated moments! First I got to the station (late as usual)…

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    >Mixed Bag – Results, Illness, Skirts and Research

    >Well, A’Level results were today and Soph has hers.  I remember when I got my degree results one of my friends posted what I had to her journal (I text her) before I got online and it irritated the hell out of me.  So, I’m gonna leave the details for now and just say that the girl done good. The girl is also sick, my carer tonight wasn’t too good and I don’t feel particularly fabulous either… I think there is a nasty sicky bug going round as a couple of people I work with haven’t been great but I am hoping mine is my usual first day of periodness.…

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    >Sorrow and Delight

    >”When you are sorrowfulLook again in your heartAnd you shall see that in truthYou are weeping for thatWhich has been your delight” ~ Kahlil Gibrain Sums up what I’ve been trying to say about the death of loved ones and particularly the death of my Gran better than I ever could. I love when surfing the internet I randomly find somehting that calls out to me and strikes a cord. All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >Battling on to losin’ it once more.

    >No picture post… I can’t find my camera. I am very annoyed by that but very pleased with what I wanted to take photos of! Photos tomorrow.It is absolutely pitch black outside, you would think it was more like 11pm than twenty to ten. And it was pretty freezing today… more like October than August… I was very tempted to put the heating on but I couldn’t bring myself to at this time of year. I feel fat. But I’ve been working hard at watching my diet today. It’s driven me crazy at times and Soph deserves a medal for putting up with my ranting about how I couldn’t find…

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    >Chance Circumstances

    >Picture post tomorrow, I have really cool plans for the day and I know that certain people who read this will scream at me if I don’t post pictures! I haven’t posted photos here in ages it seems… but then I haven’t been feeling myself for ages (three long, horrible, weeks) either. Talking of things and three weeks.. my sailing trip is just over three weeks away. I can’t wait. I really really hope to experience some things I never have before and to just make the most of it as far as possible. Mum and I are spending the day in Swindon on Wednesday in the hopes of getting…