>Dreaming of a day on the ocean

>I got a phone call early this morning from the Rotary Club and they have arranged transport to get me to and from Southampton next week.  They had said they would try but as I’d not heard I’d assumed it wasn’t happening and my dad was going to take the day off work to take me.  The lady I spoke to sounded lovely and she and another member will drive me.  A third member and his wife will pick me up on Sunday.  Apparently I have met this third member when I worked with the Rotary before but that was March 99 so I guess I won’t recognise him.  I’m assuming they don’t want to take me with just a guy to drive as they are sending women each time too.

I’ve been surfing the JST website tonight.  Reading the ships updates and falling more and more in love with what I’ve got coming next week.  I was also on it briefly earlier at work and read the list of trips they do…. I hope this works out for me so I can somewhen else and see more of the world.

I have a great feeling of peace and calm and hope about this trip now.  It’s lush.  I just hope and pray that it lasts until I get on the boat.  Once I’m on the boat I know I will be fine it’s just the “getting there” that concerns me.  But the I know that I am strong and I know I can do it.  I just have to believe it.

In related other news, two of my three carers have told me (without knowing that the others have said it) that they think I will meet the man of my dreams on this trip.  The idea of which just makes me laugh.  I told them both what the other had said and that I thought they were obsessed with my love life (or lack of it!).

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