>My powerchair is HOME!

>The combination of having my powerchair back and having managed to get almost all of the last things I needed for my trip has made me a happy girlie today.

I had decided that I would get a second memory card for my camera because although my card is 256MB I’ve recently discovered the video function and that zaps the memory. So I looked on the Argos website that they were selling 1GB cards for £70 – £80 or 512MB cards for £35 or a little more depending on the brand. So I figured I would get the 512MB one and the two together would (should be more than enough memory).

But before we went to Argos I went to Superdrug (for hairdye) where they had 1GB memory cards for £39.99. Hahaha score! Yay for a great bargain!!! Needless to say I didn’t bother to go to argos.
So when I get home after my trip you should get a video of me going up the mast in my wheelchair! And knowing me and my obssession with photo taking, probably hundreds of pics too.

I feel decidedly calmer about things today… lets hope it lasts!

The people my mum works with deserve a medal or something for me having my chair back… the wrong size part was sent and mum told them I would be fine until the correct size part came on Monday. But they said no, I really ought to have it for the weekend. So they cannabalised one of the chairs that they have for sale and used those parts to fix mine. The most expensive chair they sell too and until the part comes in they can’t sell it or have people trial it. Who said there weren’t good people in the world any longer?

Side note: This is the first time the wrong size part has been sent to this shop for one of my chairs but it’s not the first time it’s ever happened to me. I guess I’m just lucky that way or something…

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