>Briefly about my trip

>I have lots to tell you and lots of photos to share but I really feel if I wrote it now I wouldn’t do it now. I am still pretty tired and to be honest feel lousy. However earlier today I wrote an e-mail to the person who organised the trip for me. I thought I would share part of that with you. I will be doing a 20 minute presentation about the trip at one of the Rotary club meetings and the rest of the e-mail relates to that and is me saying thank you, thank you, thank you!

Apart from a brief bout of seasickness I had a great time (albeit very tiring) and am extremely glad that I went. We went as far as the Isle of Wight our first night and anchored off of Yarmouth for the night.

The next day we sailed to Cherbourg (France) and after a night outside there docked in the harbour in Cherbourg bright and early Friday morning. We had shore leave whilst there and went ashore for both lunch and dinner (with different groups of people) as well as to have a look around. Whilst we were in harbour I also had the opportunity to go aloft (up the mast) in my wheelchair. It was a bit scary and I was screaming oh my god, oh my god the entire time they were lifting me up but when they got me on the platform the view was fantastic and I was glad I did it. I was a little less than halfway up the mast and was level with the top of a four storey building we could see on shore. The trip down wasn’t so scary and I was laughing the whole time.

I also had a go at hauling ropes to help set the sails etc, helped to dock the ship and had a couple of tries at steering the ship – I wasn’t very good at that!

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