>How I made out with my JST “to do list”

>I was just thinking about the list of things I wrote that I wanted to do on my trip.

I did go up the mast in a wheelchair (not my wheelchair, it wouldn’t go on the frame). I loved it and would love to do it again. Thanks to Hulya one of the other members of the Voyage Crew who took charge of my camera whilst I went aloft I have some wonderful photos of the experience.
I did go ashore. And we certainly made an impression on the staff of the restaurant where we went for our dinner – 20 of us went including five wheelchairs. They said if we went we would stop them being able to get to the kitchen. So Chris, one of the watch leaders, rearranged the entire restaurant. she then informed them “now you can” and we had a lovely meal in a big group spread over two long tables.
I did make the most of every opportunity (I really really overdid it in my attempts to experience everything and am now paying for that). I learnt my lesson and will be pacing myself better when I go again.
I did do night watch and saw a very beautiful moon (full moon). However I didn’t really see any stars as it was very misty. Night watch was wonderful, particular when we did 8 til midnight and saw a wonderful sunset. We were also coming up on the French coast at that time and seeing the lights approaching was fantastic. None of my watches meant I was up when at sunrise and sleep is a very precious commodity on the Lord Nelson so I didn’t get the chance to see one.
We didn’t see any dolphins or Whales. The captain did fish one day and caught some fresh mackral for tea however I was feeling sick and skipped dinner that day.
My legs would never have handled climbing the rigging (too much of a stretch involved). However I was told that they have had a couple of wheelchair users pull themselves up on their arms. Maybe something to try next time.

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