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>I finished the abx for my UTI about two and a half weeks ago and haven’t had another problem! I am very surprised about this given both my history and the fact that I had D&V on Thursday which frequently can lead to UTI. My bladder is a little irritated right now but I think it’s red army-ness. Actually you could say that I am downright shocked that the infection cleared with one course of low dose antibiotics. That’s one of about three or four things that’s happened/I’ve done/not done/not had happen lately which has surprised me. I guess I’m making lots of progress in my life and with my issues.

Meds are a problem for me at the minute… I need to get back into a better routine of taking them again :o(. I can definitely tell that my baclofen level in my blood is low. But I am feel relatively stable despite having basically taken no prozac all week. I am going to start taking it properly again – I am doing well now but there are lots of things going on and a med change after two years on prozac and three and a half on antidepressants is a VERY SILLY IDEA. I need to discuss my mental state in more detail here so I can get it straighter in my head but to do so now would undo some of the good work i’ve been doing.

Soph moved to Manchester today for uni. I am very intrigued to know how she is getting on and what she is doing. I rang to speak to my mum to see how she got on getting moved in but apparently the parents are staying away overnight. No one had told me that! Ben did say that Soph is in a flat of four (which we new) two girls and two boys.

And as for me? I went to Sainsburys coming back with a whole new outfit, some make up and some magazines as well as my food shopping. I do seem to be buying a lot of my clothes in Sainsburys lately. And I’ve been scrapbooking both yesterday and today (five pages over the two days).

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