>In Vodka We Trust

>I have had a wonderful, wonderful day. And I am even more wonderfully drunk.

I met up with my best friend who I haven’t seen in four months and who has been informed that four months is entirely too long between visits. We met up in Reading which is easy for both of us to get too.

We had a wander around the shops, got some lunch in the slug and lettuce, did some more wondering around shops (with actual purchasing involved this time) and then went for drinks.

I bought a scarf in a bag (that you make you self, weave it) and a Smoosh Me pillow to go behind my back in my powerchair. I got a purple one and using it to change my position in my chair got me so much more upright and so much more comfortable. So I was very pleased.

I was not so pleased about these little kids who were running around in Wetherspoons and who became obsessed with said pillow (which describes itself on it’s label as love in a pillow). This little girl was stood behind me and just started stroking it! I was leaning on it too. then she ran off with who I assume to be either her brother and sister or friends. So we had just finished our drinks when she came back with both the other brats and they were stroking it and pulling on it etc etc for ages. It was cracking me up, particularly as I was finding it a little ticklish. To start with at least.

But then I couldn’t get them to stop (I would place the eldest at no more than 8 or 9) and eventually Trudi pretty much forced them to stop. The didn’t seem to want to but the eldest seemed to realise they had crossed the line and got them playing tag. Only they decided that I was “It”
We decided to leave and head to our favourite bar for another couple of drinks – Revolution. Trudi and I both said we felt a little sorry for those kids because there parents did seem to be ignoring them (and Trudi said had already been warned by the staff once to watch their brats) but they nearly broken the damn cushion and I literally had just bought it. I was very happy to reach Revolution which is vodka bar and I love and best of all – a child free zone!!

Double brandy and coke in ‘Spoons – £2.99
Flavoured Vodka Cocktail in Revolution – £4.75
Leaving behind bratty kids who were messing with my wheelchair – Priceless.

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