>Courageous Christi and other kids who inspire me

>”Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgment that something is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all.”
~Princess Diaries

I am a part of the Big Brave Banner Site. Although I’ve not done any work for them in several months I help to make graphics for sick children. A lot of them cancer or other very serious illness and all have websites so thier families and friends can follow their progress and the kids like the graphics as they are bright and fun.

One child I was led to through the banner site is Christi Thomas although I didn’t actually make a banner for her. Christi was an amazing girl who sadly died last tuesday. I found the above quote in the comments on her blog (linked in my sidebar) and I loved it. For me… but also for Christi for if ever there was a child or even a person (child or adult) who was that quote embodied. Christi was it!

Please, if you have the time take a few minutes to go to the banner site and meet some of those brave kids who fight for their lives when they should be playing. We all know how good a comment in our blog makes us feel… imagine if you or your family were fighting a serious or even terminal illness how much a “I’m thinking of you” or an “I stopped by, I care” message could comfort and help.

There are many many many sick kids and I follow entirely too many. But, I will tell you about a couple. That doesn’t mean they are more special than others just people I am aware of who are having an extra tough time now. I could share some of their stories here but going to visit them tells it so much better than I could so I will just share their links.





Actually, looking at that list the only person on there I made a banner for is Sammy. It’s the lilac one on the bottom of her mainpage. the flashing on that says “smiling and singing all day long. There’s NO doubt – Samantha is STRONG!!” Because she is.

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