>Out of Sorts

>I am feeling very out of sorts today but I don’t really know why. I have had some good moments today to though – like finding my missing switch card (It had fallen under my computer desk) and discovering that a portfolio I am working needs a lot less doing to it than I anticipated and I should be able to finish it tomorrow with no problems.

The knowledge that getting the portfolio finished takes me one step closer to something I’ve been close to but not achieved is even better. If I’m right I have two more “steps” to complete and then I will have accomplished a goal I have worked towards for two years. But, that said every so often I get told about more things that I need to achieve to have this. Friday is the day I will find out, I guess.

Both of those things have made me feel a little less out of sorts but I still feel kinda meh.

I guess actually if you replaced “out of sorts” with “down” you’d be very close to the truth of the matter but not quite there. I’m not quite right physically (haven’t been for a couple of weeks) and I’m stressed out about tomorrow and Monday.

Why tomorrow stresses me out I don’t know – I know the “what” – the newspaper article being (probably) published. And Monday is the first of my presentations on my trip. And they are gonna feed me first. And I’m forever spilling my dinner down myself. Or getting it in my hair. Although I did go for the chop yesterday and so it would be a feat and a half if I managed to get my dinner in my hair again anytime soon!

What I am, Am, AM going to do tomorrow is write up the last two days of my trip. Because when that is done I can edit it into some kind of form for a 20 minute presentation. I think I am gonna wing most of the presentation but I want to go with a outline. Oh and when I’m writing tomorrow I must remember to add the tribute to Hulya on the second day because I just realised I forgot to include that and it was one of the most cool things that happened. The coolest being my having gone aloft, obviously.

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