>Did you ever have a conversation that was so, so hard to have?

One you weren’t expecting, that blindsided you and hurt and made you cry, so, so hard. And feel like once you started you were never gonna stop. One that you couldn’t believe what you were being told but then despite the fact that hearing it really hurt it made sense. Were glad they told you even though it hurt because now you can do soemthing about it and were clueless no more. And you stopped crying only to start again a few minutes later and then again after that. You had someone sat with you telling you it was ok to cry, to stop apologising for crying, holding your hands and offering tissues and glasses of water. Then somehow through the tears or despite them you found the strength to explain that you hadn’t been expecting this and that it was hard for you to talk about. Then even though you really, really, really did not want to know you asked about the worst case scenario because you knew the not knowing would be worse than knowing. And then cry some more because things maybe aren’t as bad as you thought and you begin once again to realise that things might have to be different to what you thought but that they will be ok.

Did you ever have that conversation at a meeting that was supposed to be regular, run of the mill and easy? Did you ever have that conversation at work?

I had that conversation today.

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