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>It occurred to me the other day that I haven’t shared any photos of my crafty doings lately. And then today I made a bracelet that I absolutely love so I thought I would make that my update today!


Scrapbook of when I went to the sealife centre in birmingham back in june. The waves are drawn on by hand with a blue felt tip and the dolphins are cut outs from when I did my previous sealife layout a while back (click on the “crafts” category and the photo should be in the entry below this).


Various picture of different people dancing together at my sisters birthday party. The background is from a scrapbooking papers set I got and I thought the stars and swirls were party like. The birthday writing I did on my computer, the font is Porky’s (from 1001fonts.com). The silver ribbon is for putting on presents and the gift tag at the top explains whos who and when it was.


These photos were taken when I went to Bourton on the Water in the Cotswolds in May. again the background is from my scrapbooking backgrounds set thing and the writing I did on the computer.


This is probably the layout I like the least. I used tissue paper and the red mess at the bottom which looks kind of like a volcano is my poor attempt at a sunset. The top title is written on sugar paper and says “Sunset – Natures Soul Food”. I need to get someone with steadier hands then me to trim the yellow paper as you can see it hanging over the edges and it is obvious when you look at the layout i did on the reverse. I took the photos on my trip on the lord nelson.


Again I used tissue paper which I cut into squares and put on in a vague layered fashion in the hopes it would look a bit like the sea. I like the effect but it’s more like a pool than the sea. The title on the top is a piece of darker blue tissue paper and says “Views of the Solent, Sept 06”.

All of those scrapbook layouts were done about a month ago (mid sept) I haven’t done any since – my current obsession when it comes to crafts is Jewellery which I’ve been doing this week.

I made these earrings today.  Just a couple of pieces of wire with several very very tiny beads in different shades of blue/turquoise put together and then put onto the hook. its actually relatively easy to do which surprised me although I did slice my finger earlier cutting the wires.

I love ebay for beads and other crafty stuff – thats where I got all of this apart from the beading wire and the elastic i use for bracelets (both from John Lewis the other place I love for craft stuff).


These three pairs of earrings are all the same just different colours.  I tried to take a close up on one pair so you could see the detail on the silver spacer beads at the bottom but it was blurry.  it is tibetian design and the beads are cube shaped.


I made this bracelet tonight and I really love it.  It reminds me of something that you’d buy in Next and I am really proud of making it which probably sounds quite sad.  I got the purple beads from ebay like the rest but tell a lie the silvery clear beads in between come from John Lewis. It’s strung on some clear beading elastic.

It was going to be a Christmas present but now it has pride of place on my wrist and it’s not coming off!

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