>Odds and sods of news…

>I am wearing jeans that are a size smaller than usual. They are snug but relatively comfortable. And they look pretty damn good. Smaller jeans has been my goal since June and yay! I managed it.

I was told something yesterday that had no real impact on me, just as an FYI, but it made me soooo happy I was bouncing around the house for a good ten minutes afterward. This to me is actually incredibly positive news and may have the possibility of making certain situations a little better for me (a lot better is too much to hope for). So I have fewer/less worries and concerns today which is also good.

I met a friend for lunch in subway yesterday and was very impressed to discover that our new subway has a one-size fits all toilet for customers – and its a disabled one! I didn’t need to use it but will make a point of that next time because I’m intrigued as to how easy it is to maneuver into and around it. Lunch was great too. It is so good to now have a local friend who is so completely on my wavelength, my age and who gets the disability stuff too.

The latest Firefox upgrade (which I just downloaded a few days ago) has a built in spelling check function. And it’s American. It. Drives. Me. Crazy. No offense to any Americans who read this but it’s further proof for one of my friends who has a theory that 1) American’s as a society are rude and 2) They think they are the only people in the world who matter. Both of which I would tend to agree with to a certain degree. But we probably shouldn’t generalise like that because I am sure that several things we do make American’s think that we are rude too. And given how much I hate disability related generalisations, cultural ones are also something I should avoid! Meh… sorry.

Yesterday (Friday) I was proud of myself for managing to get up early and get myself to swimming in my powerchair. Swimming was really good fun and it led to other fun stuff so that really boosted my self esteem and happiness.  Today (Saturday) I am proud of the fact that I am wearing jeans which are a size smaller than usual! Need I say more?

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