>You know what it’s like when you’re on a rollercoaster? And you know that a pretty big twist is going to happen at some point but you don’t know when?

So you’re merrily sitting their enjoying the ride but then it starts to get faster and faster and to start with your enjoying it. But then it gets faster still and that huge twist in the track comes much sooner than you expected, before you were truly prepared for it. the shock of it sending your stomach into your mouth and the g-force involved in the move knocking the wind out of you and pushing you back and pinning you to your seat?

You think you’re enjoying it but your not sure and now the ride seems so much longer than you anticipated.

Welcome to my life today. It’s nothing bad, in fact it’s pretty good just not something I expected to happen today. However it is not something I want to tell all about right now. If I have told you about it, please respect my wishes and keep it away from the ‘net

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