>Why yes, I’m not particularly happy… how could you guess?!


I had a really good day today with lots of good stuff, some of which was very unexpected as I’d expected it to be bad. there were a few irritations but nothing major and I had fun. Plus managed to solve something that was becoming a pretty major and urgent problem.

But seriously after having to deal with people who have no disability awareness, make stupid comments, ignore my wishes and generally patronise me every day for the last THREE DAYS I am so going to tell the next person who even looks at my like they have an issue to do with my CP to Shut the F*&^ Up, P*&^ off and leave me alone. and then smack them. Repeatedly.

Oh and when I was in Birmingham the access in a shop was so tight that I knocked a gift set off the shelf. The gift set included a mug. Which smashed.

I just went “oh shit” and starting walking out. Caroline (Rob’s PA) was with me and she went “it’s ok sweetie it was an accident” and then realised I’d smashed it and laughed going to the guys whose shop it was “Yeah, she’s not with me.” I just turned round and went “yeah you’ve never met me before in your life have you Caroline?!” and laughed. The guys in the shop did not look happy but they didn’t ask me to pay for it and I was not going to offer! Let that be an accessibility lesson to them.

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