>Well Done You

>When I was about twelve I worked with an OT (occupational therapist) through my school. Actually I’ve worked with OT’s both in and out of school throughout my whole life, but this specific one I’m thinking of was through school and I was 12 ish. She also worked with two other friend of mine of the same age who also have CP.

And all three of us hated her. Her initials were SAD and as soon as we figured that out we never referred to her amongst ourselves by her name or as our OT but as that sad woman. Whenever we would be doing something for/with her and we completed a task or part of a task she would go “Well, well done you.” in the most simpering, irritating, patronising voice. Every. Single. Time.

[Being that my best friend now works as an OT I should probably clarify here that my problems with OT’s relate to that specific one in particular and occasionally to the system/regulations they are forced to work under, not the profession.]

Everyone at school who had anything to do with her knew she did that and that we hated it (apart from her, one assumes) – I remember when she left, it was to have a baby and several people commented that they hoped right after it was born one of the midwives would say “well, well done you” and then she would see how blasted annoying it was.

Ever since then I have hated anyone saying “Well, Well done you” or even simply “well done, you” to me. Hated it. With. A. Vengence. Today someone said “well done, you” to me several times.

As you might remember back at the beginning of October there was some concern over my work at CAB and a chance that I wouldn’t be able to be declared competent and receive my certificate as a generalist adviser. And that if that happened I would have to stop seeing clients. I only vaguely mentioned it.

Anyway, the plan was that today I would do an observed interview where I saw a client and my guidance tutor sat in with me. That was planned so that she could tell me what I could do to improve my performance based on the concerns they had and what she saw as she observed me.
So in we went with this client and her baby who she had with her. It was kinda cosy in their with all of us and my walker and the lady’s pram so for once I chucked my walker out of the room (being that I had my own personal runner for the morning who I knew would only leave the room if I did). She had a debt problem and we spent somewhere between an hour and a half and two hours with her. Well, by we I meant I did the work and my tutor sat and watched me do it.

Part way through we came out of the room so that I could check something with the supervisor who also doubles as our resident debt specialist. And I was met with the news from my tutor that it was all fine from the point of view of my work and this was no longer a supervised interview.

It was my assessed interview.

As in, the last, final, ever part of my training process.

So we went back in and I finished off and then I got feedback from my tutor. As part of which she asked me how I thought it had gone. I told her that I hate being asked that ;). Then she said that it had gone well, i’d made the client feel welcome and comfortable, cracked a few jokes to break the ice (not deliberate just how i am I guess). I made one teeny tiny not even particularly a big deal mistake but that was it. She said she had no problems declaring me competent but that I need to remember to check my advice with the supervisor and get support/help where necessary. She did recognise however that sometimes that’s a bit of a pain in the bum for me because of walking around etc.

So then I asked her “so does that mean I’m getting my certificate?”

Her reply?

“Well, not right now. I do have to send away for it you know, but yes, you are getting it.”

Then throughout the rest of the morning she commented “well done you” a few times.

And strangely enough for the first time in about twelve years that phrase didn’t bother me because I was too happy 😀

We have to meet the week after next to finish off the paperwork because this wasn’t planned to be the finishing point for me but… I’m a fully qualified generalist adviser!

Woooooooooooo Hoooooooooooo!!!

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