>I am crying as I write this and can hardly see the screen to do so.

When my Gran died we asked, at her funeral, for donations in her memory instead of flowers from people outside of the family. Because she loved horses we asked that the donations be made to Riding for the Disabled Association, specifically to the group which I was a member of for so long and which gave me so much for something like 16 years.

My Dad told me yesterday that we raised something like £380 for them and that he has a letter from the treasurer acknowledging it and hoping I am doing well at home; I haven’t seen it but I hope to at the weekend.

How proud am I that my Gran inspired such love and friendship that we could raise so much money? And how proud I know she would be too.

But how sad that it came to this. I’ve just been re-reading all of the entries from around that time and the feelings are all still so raw.

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