>Update-y stuff

>I am getting two very wicked new pairs of glasses, they were on offer and I also had something nice done for me at the opticians. and my wicked new glasses? they are going to be in NEXT SATURDAY!!! I thought it would be three weeks or so because usually it’s around two weeks and I’m having one pair tinted which I assumed would take longer.

Apparently one of the local car parks is dishing out reduced eye tests with their parking tickets. And they come in twos. Someone right before me (I don’t know who) had a spare and told them to use it for someone else – they gave me the discount and so I got my eye test half price.
So I’m getting this pair of glasses almost exactly as is on the screen. and I’m also getting this pair but in a bluey colour frame and with blue tinted lenses too. Contrary to what they seemed to think in specsavers I’m not planned to have those as my sunglasses (or sunnies as she called them) but as everyday ones.

Current NaNoWriMo Word Count: 22,645. Not bad considering I didn’t get anything written until 5 and then took two hours out for dinner and x-factor! More importantly I think what I wrote today is some of the stronger stuff.

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