>I can see clearly now…


I have roughly 33,000 for NaNo, haven’t checked for the exact word count for a while.

I went for my flu jab this morning and they asked if I would stay and have my blood pressure checked after. Well, it appears that I am dead for they checked it twice and it failed to get a reading both times.

I was meant to go at 4pm but they rang me yesterday and told me that a computer error had made the appts in the afternoon when the clinic was in the AM. Yeah, it was pissing it down with rain at 10:30 when I left to get there. at 3:30 when I would have had to leave if not for the change? No rain whatsoever. Not fun.
And then I went to pick up new glasses… they are lush! Lookie:
I can see clearly now...

So I might be clinically dead but hey at least I have new glasses and I’m protected against the flu!

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