>Hmm. Well, yeah. Ok Then… Moving Swiftly On

>So I was on phones again today at work. And I was chattering away to this man about a variety of different things – he had a question about one area but my supervisor had asked me to call him back and talk to him about some other related in a way stuff. So I did.

We were talking and it ended up being a bit more of a chat (on his part and listening on mine) – I think he enjoyed the opportunity to talk to someone as by the sounds of things he is alone at home all day.

Emma: “And do you live alone?”

Client: “No I live with my wife and son.”

Emma “OK so such and such wouldn’t apply then”

Client: “So, um, anyway. Are you married?”

Emma: [thinking to myself: oh god, another one] “No I’m not.”

Client: “coz you see, I’m wanting rid of my son. Are you interested? He’s 45, six foot tall… not great looking but not bad.”

Emma: “No I’m not married but I’m also not looking.”

Client: “Sure? That’s a shame. Could do with getting rid of him.”

Emma: “Well ok then… moving swiftly on…”

Sometimes I really, really wonder about my clients!

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