>The GYM!

>I just got back from THE GYM!

(oh yeah, scratch the just – I’ve been back an hour)

I did two sets of 12 reps each on the chest press, seated lever row, pec deck and lat pull down. Most of those were with it set on either 2 (11 kilos on most of the machines, 13 on some) or for the pec deck, 3 (15 kilos on that machine I think, maybe 18) Then I did free weights and I did two sets of 12 reps each of tricep curls and shoulder press (with a 1.5 kilo weight) and bicep curls (with a 2.5 kilo weight).

Took about 40 mins and was fun. But yeah, lactic acid was used in that and I can feel the affects in my shoulder now!

The plan hopefully is that in six weeks or so we will redo my programme and hopefully I will have got a bit of weight off/more strength and flexibility and might then be able to do some transfers onto machines which would mean I could do some very low intensity leg work or maybe even a tiny bit of cardio!

Last week I came away very frustrated by the lack of that and disappointed by it but this week I enjoyed what I did and it’s all ok. It will come when it comes and it WILL come. I suspect part of that was just having my RCV coordinator with me this week not her and a gym instructor.

I go again in the new year (unless a certain little sister can be convinced to drive me over in between times *looks hopeful*) and at that time I will have a volunteer driver take me and will fly solo in the gym. I’m not the only rcv member who goes there or at the time I go but I won’t have someone working directly with me. Yay. Not so yay is the fact that my other RCV friend who was going to the gym then too has had to stop coming for the time being.

Still its ALL GOOD!

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