>Overtired birthday whining


Yes tis extremely late and I should be in bed especially given as yucky as I’ve felt on and off for the last few days.

But as much as I had fun tonight I was seriously headed for a meltdown when I got home and was beyond relieved to shut the door behind my parents when they dropped me home and lock the world out. But I did need to wind down so to speak before bed or it would carry over. Nothing major just a long busy day and lots of little things all at once getting on top of me.

The show was good and I had great presents but I can’t help feeling this go at my birthday was a bit of a cop out. Maybe because I didn’t have a lot of control over when we did it and being as I was gonna be busy today anyway I should have asked to just go to the show and do presents etc another day. I don’t mean to sound in anyway ungrateful, it’s just how I feel
A quote:

“Humanity has its need to dream. And if we do not give humanity the good music, the good pictures, the good books that will set it dreaming right, it will dream the bad dreams that lead to lies and death.”

~Author Unknown

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