>Disability Blog Carnival

>This was a post that I had intended to do yesterday but got sidetracked and never managed.

The Fifth Disability Blog Carnival is now up over at Planet of the Blind. It’s topic: Travel and disability. Well, they put it much better than that but I am tired and cold (because I am an idiot and went into the garden briefly without a fleece or shoes) so that will have to do. As always it makes for very interesting reading.

The Sixth Disability Blog Carnival will be on 11th Jan 2007. And I will be hosting it here. The theme: disability and how it can affect friendships/relationships (with friends, family, loved ones, colleagues, romantic/sexual – basically any sort of relationship).

Submissions can be sent to me via e-mail (Emma@WheelchairPrincess.com) or the Disability Blog Carnival submission form

If you e-mail please put carnival or some similar in the subject line – the permalink of the article is all you need to send but you may, of course, send more than that. And equally you may also send more than one article/entry.

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