>Christmas, bah humbug

>Christmas was good in parts, rubbish in others. I enjoyed myself for the most part but I did have several crying spells over the last few days and am extremely glad to have been back in my flat for about seven hours now. I point blank could not have coped any longer and we will be doing things differently next year (I will more than likely spend the days with my family but come back here to sleep at night). Lets just say that emotions and tempers were all a bit high and throwing my care needs into the mix was not pretty as it never is!
Three years ago we had my Nanny with us at our house on Christmas Day and on Boxing Day went to visit my Gran and my uncle etc. That was our normal celebration and had been for several years.

Two years ago my Nanny was in hospital over Christmas so on Christmas Day we had our lunch and our traditions and then went up to the JR to visit her. The next day, Boxing Day, we went to visit my Gran.

Last year my Nanny died in May and so we were just us on Christmas Day but Boxing Day we did go visit my Gran as was traditional.

Granny died in July this year. No family with us on Christmas Day and no visits on Boxing Day.

It was a good Christmas and I will be doing lots of reading and learning how to crochet it seems. But no, it wasn’t an overly enjoyable or an easy Christmas. And this makes me seem incredibly bah humbug to say it but I’m glad it’s over and done with.

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