>Crafts, Crafts and More Crafts!

>Last night when I got home from my parents I made a bracelet.  And today?  Amongst going for a job interview, making another attempt at crochet and reading lots, I made five bracelets.  I messed around a little with some pom pom makers I got for Christmas too.

Beading (well, crafts in general but beading in particular) soothes me when I am stressed. I think it’s because it’s something that is repetitive and frees up my mind from worries as it gives me something to focus on but equally it;s not something I have to focus or think to hard about which is also useful. I guess what I’m trying to say that is as much as I enjoy it for something to do and I love having something pretty to look at after and being able to think “I made that” I also love it because it is somewhat mindless.
Tomorrow I’m going to the sales (in Swindon as I’ve not been there since August).  I’m hoping to get some stuff to do more of my scrapbook with and some cheap wool.  I’ve actually got loads of wool but I want something cheap that I can mess around with until I get the hang of it.  Hopefully the 99p store or poundland will come up trumps there! If I could get some more beads too that would be good.

So basically, it’s all about crafts at the moment!

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