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For posterity:

My weight today is 14st 7lb so that is the official starting weight of 2007. I hope to lose 6lb this month.

And a reminder:

The Sixth Disability Blog Carnival will be on 11th Jan 2007. And I will be hosting it here. The theme: disability and how it can affect friendships/relationships (with friends, family, loved ones, colleagues, romantic/sexual – basically any sort of relationship).

Submissions can be sent to me via e-mail (Emma@WheelchairPrincess.com) or the Disability Blog Carnival submission form. The deadline for submissions is next Monday (if sent through the site, if I receive e-mails up to the Weds for the carnival I may include them) and the carnival will appear the next Thursday (11/01/07)
If you e-mail please put carnival or some similar in the subject line – the permalink of the article is all you need to send but you may, of course, send more than that. And equally you may also send more than one article/entry.

I’ve had some very interesting entries sent to me but am hoping to get a few more. I’d especially like to get some new participants if possible. I was also wondering about getting some articles from other perspectives (e.g AB relatives or friends writing about their disabled relatives or friends) we have one or two and they are good.
Something I’m finding so far is how many people have very similar experiences and it’s helped me to feel a little less alone at a time when I am feeling a little overwhelmed by my disability. Wouldn’t you like to do that for someone you know? Share your experiences in the carnival and you could do that!

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