>trashy and a case of tmi

>Swimming today was brilliant! I swam 16 lengths (400 metres) and I walked 10 lengths (250 metres). There was clonus and sore legs after that but it was worth it. There was also an inability to put my knickers on when changing afterwards too and I ended up having to just put my jeans on and go commando. Which I think is probably the first time I’ve ever done that, lol and is weird. I was sitting there having hot chocolate afterwards and chatting thinking “I’m sat here with no underwear on and no one knows!” Only, now loads of people know because I wrote it here.
I am tired now and my tummy hurts a little bit. I actually feel very out of it and trashy but I’m grateful that I didn’t need codeine because they would have made me feel much worse.
I am hopeful that I will find I’ve lost a little bit of weight when Monday comes.

Tomorrow I have to go food shopping and I might pop into new look and next quickly to see if i can get a cheap ish now top for a night out on Wednesday.

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