>Disability Blog Carnival

>Welcome to the sixth edition of the Disability Blog Carnival. The theme: The theme: disability and how it can affect friendships/relationships (with friends, family, loved ones, colleagues, romantic/sexual – basically any sort of relationship).

Please take the time to read some of the following and leave comments, it’s the only payment most of us get! Also I’d like to welcome several new bloggers to the disability blog carnival.

Able bodied people writing about their relationships with disabled people

Connie Kuusisto presents He’s Blind. I Married Him Anyway. posted at Planet of the Blind, Connie can see. Her husband, Stephen, can’t. This is the story of their relationship.

Faith presents My Aunt has fast wheels! posted at Diary of Roses. Faith’s sister uses a wheelchair and I could relate to a lot of what she said about people’s reactions to her and her sister.

Laura Young wrote Amazing Grace: Couldn’t You Just Run Over My Toe over on her blog The Dragon Slayer’s Guide to Life. She introduced a friend with a disability to her Mom. The results opened her eyes.

Parents of Kids with Disabilities Sharing Their Experiences

Ellie presents Choices posted at Chocolachillie. She writes about the relationships she has with various members of her family since her son who is disabled was born.

Moreena is Mom to two of the cutest! children! ever!. In her blog The Wait and The Wonder she shares the experience of people rejecting her daughters friendship in the post Gratitude, part 1

In Positives not Negatives, Jacqui from Terrible Palsy shares her frustrations at the point scoring people with disabilities sometimes indulge in. And in her most recent post, Keeping it Real she discusses the Ashley Treatment and the relationship between the media and the disability world.

Kathryn from Ryn Tales gives us End. Radio. Silence. in which she talks about her daughter Ellie and their relationship.

Emily Elizabeth presents Loving Emma Jayne posted at Lovely and Amazing. Emily is mom to a beautiful little girl and this post shares the journey she went on when her perfect plans disintegrated. A truly from the heart post. I felt something of a link with this post, probably because I am an Emma Jane as well (without the y in my case however).

People with Disabilities

Lisa presents Well I feel I need a little sympathy – Stevie Nicks over at A Letter to My Children

Tokahfang from From Where I’m Sitting presents Friends in Fair Weather. I was reading this post going “been there, done that”

Disgruntled Ladye shares Chronic Illness and Relationships in her blog Everything and Nothing At All

Teresa from Making Light shares insights in Deaf Video: The Street Finds Its Own Uses (Again)

Wheelchair Diffusion blogger Ziggi’s been dealing with those annoying TAB people who park in disabled spaces. Read the story in Above the Law. Big respect for this guy. I wouldn’t have had the nerve.

ABFH’s blog is called Whose Planet Is It Anyway. In her post Everyday People she talks about having autism and relationships.

Wheelchair Dancer presents What Happened to You and In Your Face: Answering Questions posted at Wheelchair Dancer. The first of these posts covers that age old question people love to ask and the second what it’s like to be in a relationship where one of you is disabled.
Ballastexistenz from Ballastexistenz has an interesting discussion on Pseudo-Allies and One Reason Many Auties have Trouble Spotting on them

Lorraine Hershon from Keep Buggering On!! (which seriously is the best blog name I’ve seen in a long time) wrote Watch Out!!! which reminds me of why I hate walking across busy carparks when I’m alone in my chair. I’d like to be able to say her entry shows human life at it’s best but well, I can’t. In fact it makes me want to hit the people involved.

Dave Hingsburger from Chewing The Fat offers up JOY. If only the people involved had offered some JOY to him instead of bad feelings…

Dave also has a job that let him have lots of fun in And a Partridge in a Pear Tree (as a side note here: I’m seeing the disability employment adviser again tomorrow, what do you reckon would happen if I told her I wanted a job like that?! LOL). And in his job Dave has dealings with Kyle, My Way shares a lesson learnt.

Shiloh from Sunny Dreamer shares her experiences both good and bad in Disability Effects on Relationships. And in Why Won’t People Listen – They Don’t Understand she shares her frustrations when people won’t accommodate her despite her asking.
Joel from NTs Are Weird has written about how The Real Problem is low level prejudice within society and has also written a post about Autism and Loneliness

Autism Diva has written About lovable autistics over on her blog, Autism Diva

Thirza Cuthand presents Growing Up with Sky posted at Fit of Pique. Thirza has a sister, Sky, who has learning disabilities. Here she talks about what it was like to grow up together and also shares her opinion of the Ashley Treatment.

That concludes this edition of the Disability Blog Carnival. Thank you to all who contributed. The next issue with be Thurs 25th January over at Disability Studies. I believe that the topic is disability history and disability in the arts but don’t quote me on that! You can contribute via the submission form.

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