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>I’m probably going to be getting a new carer soon. And I’m thinking that it would be well worth my while to train them to be “seen and not heard”. Yes, indeed.

I gave yesterdays carer something of a piece of my mind over the fact I said I didn’t feel well when she asked how I was, and then she kept going on what was wrong, was I ok, did I want to talk about it, I was very quiet etc. Having carers can be hard because you have someone in your personal private space. When they are very in your face questioning you and getting at you about not being talkative it’s even harder. So the new one if it comes to that – seen and not heard.

Saw the disability employment adviser from Shaw Trust earlier. It was OK. I haven’t heard about the job I interviewed for and she called them at the beginning of the week and they didn’t return her call so I guess that’s that, no job there. No loss really.

When I went to counselling on Wednesday I said somehting and she told me all about how I was making huge progress with that. And it happened for about three different things so that is nice.

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