>Priority by law or why I need to get a life

>I went to Birmingham on Saturday and got very very excited on the train up there.  I frequently have to argue with people about moving their luggage or themselves or their child in the buggy out of the wheelchair space which I’ve reserved.  On at least one occasion the journey care assistant with me (a member of station staff who helps people with disabilities around the station and on to trains, etc) asked a mother to move her child and when she got off the train she had a go at me saying there would have been room for me and the child.

So when I got onto the train and saw that the wheelchair space was now absolutely plastered in “Wheelchair Space” signs I was pleased.   When I saw that the design had been changed to include instructions on where luggage could be left instead and it now included three other little words beneath the wheelchair space – Priority By Law – I was ecstatic.  So much so that I had to take several photos of this momentous sign that really made my day.  I was important.

Although the fact that we require “priority by law” signs on wheelchair spaces is a whole ‘nother story.  After all, TAB’s don’t have to have that plastered all over their seats on the train do they.

Priority by law

Close up on the wording

And then when we got to Birmingham I finally remembered to take a picture of their disabled toilet sign in the bullring – I’ve been going there for three or four years now a couple of times a year and I giggle at it every time.  Because unfortunately whilst the shopping centre managers and designers might live in a world where wheelchairs can fly up stairs, I don’t.

Luckily for me we then come to the second reason it makes me giggle – the ladies and gents are up the stairs but the disabled toilet is opposite the stairs on that level.

Wheelchair users should climb the stairs

Oh how I wish that one day these things won’t make my day and make me want to take photos.  How I wish that one day I can get a life and stop being impressed and ecstatic about things that to TAB’s are just little stupid things and not a big deal.

How I wish that day was now.

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