>Shrinking Slowly

>I haven’t written very much about this here but my new years resolution for this year was to be healthier.

So I’ve been taking my medication everyday (seriously I haven’t missed a single dose this year, how I don’t know), I’ve gotten my sleep pattern into something vaguely resembling sense and I’ve been eating somewhat healthier.  I’ve also been trying to spend less time on my computer and been enjoying that too.  And stretching but thats a topic for another entry.
I’ve been trying as a secondary goal to lose some weight but haven’t made that the be all and end all because otherwise I’d just end up losing and then regaining as I did last year.  So not too much effort going into the eating less part, just the healthier part.

One of the things I decided was that I would take measurements and weigh once a month officially, I have been weighing now and then just out of curiousity.  So the first thing I did this morning was to check out my progress.

This month I have lost 7lb

and in terms of measurements I have lost a lot and made myself visual reminders to put here so I can see how much, exactly, it really is.  What it looks like, if you will.

So I lost half an inch from my left thigh which looks like this:

And from my right thigh I’ve lost an inch and a half.  As you might suspect from reading the difference in these measurements my left leg is substantially weaker/more spastic than my right.  My right thigh was also bigger to start with than the left.

From my waist I lost a lovely 3 inches which I can actually tell I’ve lost, I did think my tops seemed looser in the tummy area.  My hips are also sporting 3 inches less fat too which makes me very smiley.  I will put the image reminder twice because I want to be able to see the total amount when I look here.


and Hips

Last but most definitely not least, I’ve shed a delicious 2 and a half inches from my chest:

Making a total of a miraculous and amazing and I don’t believe it can actually be true 10.5 inches freed from my body.

Oh and my BMI (body mass index) has gone from 35 to 34 – still classifies me as obese but hey it’s going down!

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