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    >It hurts like a bitch

    >So I, um, somehow managed to gash my toe open this morning. No idea how I did it other than I did it in the shower (shades of Psycho there). Blood was (and actually still is) everywhere. Literally. In the bathroom, trailed all through the hall and by my bed. Wonderful, just wonder-fucking-ful. And of course, CP just can’t be left out of anything even mildly bodily function related and has to complicate matters. I really hate this time of year. All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >Well that’s one way of putting it…

    >I went to the nurse this morning to have my blood pressure checked again. 120/84 which is fine but they will check it again in a month and then if it’s still good just do it every six months to be sure. She asked if I’d had a letter from them inviting me to go for a smear test now I’m 25 (Happy Birthday. Have a smear to celebrate). I said yes but that I had understood from the leaflet they sent that as I’ve never had sex it wasn’t necessary. Basically that’s right but I asked her if it was something I should have anyway if, say, I got…

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    >Odd bits

    >I’m probably going to be getting a new carer soon. And I’m thinking that it would be well worth my while to train them to be “seen and not heard”. Yes, indeed. I gave yesterdays carer something of a piece of my mind over the fact I said I didn’t feel well when she asked how I was, and then she kept going on what was wrong, was I ok, did I want to talk about it, I was very quiet etc. Having carers can be hard because you have someone in your personal private space. When they are very in your face questioning you and getting at you about…

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    >Disability Blog Carnival

    >Welcome to the sixth edition of the Disability Blog Carnival. The theme: The theme: disability and how it can affect friendships/relationships (with friends, family, loved ones, colleagues, romantic/sexual – basically any sort of relationship). Please take the time to read some of the following and leave comments, it’s the only payment most of us get! Also I’d like to welcome several new bloggers to the disability blog carnival. Able bodied people writing about their relationships with disabled people Connie Kuusisto presents He’s Blind. I Married Him Anyway. posted at Planet of the Blind, Connie can see. Her husband, Stephen, can’t. This is the story of their relationship. Faith presents My…

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    >Here looking for the carnival?  It’s coming but it probably won’t be up until early this evening my time (GMT).  I feel lousy and am headed to the docs in a minute for meds – ear infection I think.  I don’t have time to finish it before I go and I want sleep when I get home. In a completely unrelated aside comment I got some lovely compliments last night 😉 hopefully I will remember to share them at some point. All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >The Ashley Treatment

    >In case you haven’t heard about it this is a link to Ashley’s parents website which explains what they had done to her and their reasoning behind it. It makes some very interesting reading. The short version is that Ashley X is 9 years old and has profound physical and learning disabilities. Her parents love her dearly (that much is clear from their writing) and call her their “Pillow Angel”. They have taken steps medically to ensure that she remains in a prepubescent state forever. It’s not something I agree with and it is something I am glad wasn’t done to me. However they did do what they think is…

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    >Bracelets listed on eBay!

    >I finally did something I’ve been talking about doing for ages.  I’ve listed some of the bracelets I’ve been making on eBay. I don’t expect anyone who reads this to bid but thought you might like to see them: My Bracelets for sale on eBay My carer said I should set up an eBay shop and call it Em’s Gems but I figured I wouldn’t go that far…. And I actually have loads more than the ones I listed but I figured I wouldn’t list them all this time. All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >trashy and a case of tmi

    >Swimming today was brilliant! I swam 16 lengths (400 metres) and I walked 10 lengths (250 metres). There was clonus and sore legs after that but it was worth it. There was also an inability to put my knickers on when changing afterwards too and I ended up having to just put my jeans on and go commando. Which I think is probably the first time I’ve ever done that, lol and is weird. I was sitting there having hot chocolate afterwards and chatting thinking “I’m sat here with no underwear on and no one knows!” Only, now loads of people know because I wrote it here.I am tired now…

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    >Musings Mostly

    >I am hopeful that the Quest for Health in 2007 is going to achieve some short term results. It’s at least gotten off to a very good start. I am lethargic today and haven’t had the best of days today for various reasons but in terms of health it’s been “all there” and it hasn’t been too hard.I’ll hold my tongue about long term results for a while seeing as how I managed to lose 20lb in four months last year and then regain it in the following three months. Also, I had the tape measure out earlier and my waist measures as much now as it did when I…