>Unfriendly fluids

>This is a post that doesn’t want to be written.  Every time I try to type something or paste something into this box it doesn’t work as it’s supposed to.  Add to that technical issues and well I’m gonna give up for now.

Upsetting an entire latte mug of water over your keyboard and monitor is not a good idea…  Nor is dropping a bottle of shower gel and then running it over with your powerchair in your attempts to pick it up.  It was a full bottle and dropping it didn’t spill any… picking it up however… It did make my house smell lovely and limey however and really fizzed up the washing machine when I washed the towel I used to clear it up with  And as for a glass of orange juice, that should not be knocked flying to soak the floor and everything else.

Something tells me my carer was right when she said liquids are not my friend at present…

Thankfully my week off of work and my attempts at learning to knit are going well.  Reading and cross stitching and writing and watching crappy daytime TV are among the other ways I have filled my last few days and it is lovely, so lovely.

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