>Thursday Thirteen: Thirteen Recent Things



1. I had my haircut on Tuesday for the first time since September
2. Knitting is easier than I thought it would be but it does hurt my left arm a bit.  I am getting the hang of it but my knitting does not look how it is supposed to in my opinion.

3. I had a new carer tonight which is possibly the first time I’ve had a completely new one since April (and even then I knew that one from school).  It went much better than anticipated.
4. I got to complete the Terramundi ritual I’ve been doing for 14 months last night. I didn’t do it as they suggest however, I actually smashed it good and proper.  That was really, really fun.  I will do it again.

5. Counselling was tough yesterday for some reason.
6. I’ve been rediscovering my local library and got some great books out yesterday.
7. I am considering trying pilates as a way to improve my tone and flexibility but am not sure that is practical.
8.I haven’t made any weight loss progress in a couple of weeks.
9. At present I have a flat right foot and an almost flat left foot which doesn’t have any movement in it and clicks lots so that is 🙂 / 🙁
10. Monday will mark six weeks of medication taking every single day
11. I’ve been watching lots of crappy daytime tv during my week off and enjoying it.
12. Writing really, really rocks my socks this week.
13.  This little cripple had to stay at home all day today because we had 7cm of snow and my K hates snow as does my powerchair.  I stayed at home all day Monday but that was fine, that was by choice.  This wasn’t and it drove me crazy.

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