>Short Version

>This is the short version

I’ve been in bed pretty much all the time since Tuesday with what my GP said was an acute migraine. I’ve said that I’ve had migraine’s before but I’ve not had one like that before and I hope I never do. It was nasty and really put paid to most of my abilities to such an extent I had to ring my parents at 6 am to get my dad to come take me to the loo. It’s over now and I am once again left incredibly grateful that as a general rule I can do things like that for myself.

The discussion of CP stuff with my GP was truthfully something of a waste of my time and I’m feeling a bit disheartened and angry about it all. I’ll come back to that tomorrow because I want to watch the Truth about Food in ten minutes and also I want to look something up which relates to the “new plan” I half have in mind now the NHS has failed me once again.

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