>I love writing these “Letter Unsent” but I could do without it.

>Dear medical people of the world,

You know the part of medical school where they suggested telling your patients that the deterioration CP-ers tend to face once they hit their twenties is to be expected and just like that which frequently causes professional sports players to retire in their thirties? Yes, that part, you know what I mean. It was a shit part of medical school, it really was and you should have known better than to repeat it to me.

And also, telling me I can’t be getting worse as CP is “static” and need no more treatment other than to take more baclofen when you haven’t even examined me beyond my arm and I have stated that my biggest issue is my legs, I feel I am getting worse and given you examples of things I can no longer do because my spasticity is so high? Muchos shit, muchos.
Also when we had the discussion about the need for me to do my physio six million times a day and I told you I wasn’t going to play ball with that? Well, I realise that you probably got your response to that from the same crappy lecturer but still… Telling me that I must do my physio six million times a day and I should because if I were a professional ballerina I would have to stretch that many times a day and what’s the difference? Well here’s a clue. I’m not a ballerina, I don’t get paid to have CP and oh for gods sake just shut up.

And to various other medical people who have made similar comparisons throughout my life… well, I think I’ve made my point clearly enough.

If you were anything like I was as a student you spent the odd hour you should have been in lectures in the bar… you would have been much better spent to spend those lectures there instead of attending them and then harassing me with the shit you learnt there. Think of all the aftershock you could have drank and the games you could have played!

No love,


The top two paragraphs are what happened at my appt on Tuesday, the other example happened a couple of years ago.

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