>I. Am. So. JEALOUS. Right. Now.

>My brother is off traveling for six months.  He went at the end of January with his girlfriend.  They started in Brazil (Rio), took a 24 hour bus journey and went to Argentina to see some waterfalls and then went back to Brazil (Sao Paulo).  Currently they are in Ecuador and next week they are going to the galapagos islands and the inca trail.  They are also going to several other places in South America, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

He’s 21 and he’s going back to Australia for the second time which is pretty unbelievable when you think about it – I think he must have been 13 when we went in 1998 as I turned 17 out there and he is just under four years younger than me.  How rude is that?  How jealous am I?

I enjoyed my time in Australia more than my time in America and I desperately want to go back.  America I had such a bad experience that I could cheerfully miss it for the rest of my life.  Australian people were so accommodating and aware and friendly though.  Oh and Christmas in the sunshine was very nice if more than a little weird!
South America doesn’t bother me too much, Asia – well I wouldn’t mind a visit but it’s not high on my must visit list other than the fact that the flight to Australia is to long and I would have to break it if I went again.   Singapore half appeals to me as well but I’ve heard conflicting reports on accessibility.  New Zealand I’ve never been to and I would like to go just to see how it compares to Australia.

We’ve been keeping in touch with Ben and Geri by e-mail but tonight I got the chance to talk to Ben on MSN and to look at some photos of the trip so far.  Apparently it’s all amazing but Rio was possibly the best to date.  The photos are brilliant and I am very happy I got to speak with him but even more jealous than I was.

If that’s possible.

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