>Where have all the Spoons gone?

>Day four without anything chocolate or coca-cola related. It was a little bit harder to do than the others partially because I was out most of the day shopping with Soph and I am so used getting a coke with my lunch when I’m out and picking up something sweet to take home to snack on. Wednesday and yesterday I was only briefly in places where I could have got treats and Thursday not at all. Today is the first day they were all around me so to speak and it was tough. Very tough. But I DID IT!!!

I have now decided however that Millie’s Cookies are THE EVIL. There are 3 branches in Oxford and I think we walked past all of them more than once (the city centre of Oxford where the shops are is actually really small) and they must use some sort of scent thing to entice people in and make them subconsciously want the goods because every time we got anywhere near one all I could smell were cookies and muffins and other yummy things. But I resisted and got to be even prouder of myself for that.
Three Four points of note:

Point the First

I actually do think I am having some symptoms of caffeine withdrawal but not the ones I anticipated and so I didn’t originally associate them with it. Wednesday was the first day that I “gave up being fat” and I was in bed at 10.30 which is early for me. Thursday I didn’t get up until nearly 10 am meaning I slept almost 12 hours and I was exhausted all day. As I was yesterday. As I am today. You know the Paula Cole song Where Have All the Cowboys Gone? Well in my world it’s been renamed Where have all the Spoons gone? and I really was singing that version when listening to it.

Also seriously I cannot stop peeing or feeling like I need to go and theres a bulldog clip squeezing my bladder if I just went to the loo. Possibly a UTI there but I don’t think so. I think it’s a hydration thing because caffeine does dehydrate and so having none when I am used to having lots is going to send things most crazy.

Point B

I have no motivation to do exercise or move my body in anyway shape or form today. I did exercise yesterday and Thursday but the lack of it today does mean that I have to have to do tomorrow and Monday to meet my twice in three days rule (as my first day Wednesday was exercise free so those three days are gone with). If I did work on the prospect of two days of exercise, one without today would be a free day but I am wibbling and worrying about that and the fact I will have to do it tomorrow and Monday now with no flexibility.

Well, that’s unless clonus counts as exercise because I had a lovely long go of it when I was at the hygienist earlier. Thankfully she didn’t notice because it mean I didn’t have to deal with questions about it. Questions are fine but she doesn’t know me very well and I have a feeling it could have deteriorated into a stopping the cleaning until the clonus stopped, pity and concern type thing which is very tough to handle!

Point iii

I am wearing trousers today that are tight but which I didn’t think would do up. I even managed to do them up again after going to the loo after lunch! yay!

4th Point

I told Sophie that I don’t want to be given an Easter Egg this year and I intend to tell my parents the same tomorrow. Even when Sophie said wouldn’t you like just a little one to celebrate your progress? I said no.

Bonus point:

Four days away from no missed meds in two months!!!

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