>Blogging Against Sexism Day

>Blog Against Sexism Day

(description of the image) a 50’s style woman stands behind a shopping trolley full of shopping bags. She has a smile on her face and her arms in the air. The picture is a simple outline in black on a white background. To the left of the picture lying diagonally are the words Blog Against Sexism in red and beneath that 8 March 2007 in black. There is a big exclamation mark to the side of the text which spans all three rows.

One of the things I really love about blogging is the ability to use it to raise awareness and make a difference. I absolutely loved taking part in Blogging Against Disablism Day last year and I’m really glad it will be happening again on May 1st this year. The response to BADD last year was amazing and humbling to read.

I can also use my blog to increase recognition of other “isms” and 8th March (AKA next Thursday) is International Women’s Day and also Blogging Against Sexism Day. As I am something of an equal opportunities “ism” fighter, I think I shall participate.

If you want to participate or more information on BASD click on the image above.

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