>Day 11 and a Ticker!

>Thought this worth recording – this is actually a few days late, it’s the weight I lost in the first week.  It is necessary however to note that I did get my period the day before I weighed myself so it is likely some of the weight loss relates to fluid from that.

Today is Day Eleven and it’s going good.  I’m toying with the idea of keeping this up after Lent because I think I actually feel a lot better in myself like this.  I think it’s worth it.

In terms of exercise – 14 lengths of walking at swimming yesterday as well as some swam (don’t know how many).  That was my first exercise for a few days but today I wheeled myself to the post box and back.  It took fifteen minutes or so and the wheeling was easy in itself but my legs were in extension which made it difficult and they were painful by the time I got halfway there but I pushed thru it and did it and strangely now they are fine.

I have managed to take split baclofen today however which I think will help.  Or at least I hope so.

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