>101 in 1001 Update – 20 things done!

>I was just looking at my 101 in 1001 list and trying to work out how many I had completed. The total so far is 20. Plus one is more than likely about to come off, another is planned for June and it is pretty likely that I will complete another of the 101 at the same time in June.

I’m pretty pleased with how much I’ve done and more so with how much I have been growing and learning and how this challenge has allowed me to push myself beyond my limits and do and try new things.

The list is permanently linked over in the sidebar and the ones I have done are scored through but for the sake of posterity the 20 I have completed as of Today (07/03/07) are:

5. Clear out my wardrobe
11. Take every med and supplement I am supposed to daily for six weeks
13. Complete NaNoWriMo again
22. Go to Madrid
26. Join the gym
30. Finish unpacking from when I left uni
31. Revisit childhood memories – go to the races at Newbury
32. Sell unwanted stuff on ebay or give to charity
34. apply to be a reader-book reviewer for New Woman
36. Dye my hair a sensible colour and keep it like that for four months.
44. Do something in public I’d normally be scared to do.
47. Read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
59. Visit a sealife centre
66. Take more photos
79. Attempt to knit a scarf
83. Walk in the rain with no particular place to go
84. Make a beaded bracelet
90. Wear more glitter.
92. Treat myself to a bunch of flowers
96. Write three letters of complaint for poor service

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