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>I’ve been reading lots of interesting posts on various disability blogs lately. Ones which have made me think and wonder. Ones which I have agreed with and ones I’m not so sure about. I thought I would share links to some of them. I intend to write in detail about a couple of the topics but I don’t have the time or energy now.
Jacqui wrote a wonderful post on Alternatives in medicine and also what people believe about why we are disabled. The discussion in the comments is especially worth reading (and I am not just saying that because one of the comments called me a wise one)

I don’t understand the title of Goldfish’s post but it’s about Getting It and she raises some interesting points that I hadn’t thought about before. I’ve been lucky enough lately to deal with some new people who truly get it and it is an empowering and releasing experience. She also wrote a post for Blogging Against Sexism Day (something despite my best of intentions I did not manage) which is well worth a read: Sexism Makes Me Sick: Gender and Mental Ill Health.

Lady Bracknell’s Editor wrote an article on The Social Model of Disability and cross posted it to Lady B’s blog. Again this post is a great example of how the comment feature on most blogs and the discussion/debate blogging brings about make blogging so much more than just the posts of one person.

Funky Mango (a new to me blog that I just found this morning) has a post about a case of an Italian Dr who helped a patient with MD to die. That’s a topic I am ambivalent about – I can see both sides – but it is an area that interests me.

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